Cellar plates
We propose you below plates, labels and thermometers which will know how to emphasize your bar or your cellar. Obviously all the articles are in enamel because it is our job. You will find good presents there which we can offer to the men, the husbands and the dad or the grandfather. We never know what to offer to them! There you will find it is sure... Good visit..

Little label in white enamel for your wine cellar

From Price €2.92
You are a wine lover and you have not found the label you are looking for. With this small white plate you can write with a permanent black...

Enamel French sign "du côté des vins"

From Price €8.75
The cellar ... Why not call it "du Côté des Vins" A little romance to the secrets of flavors. Imagined and manufactured in our small...

Enamel plate woman figurine

From Price €11.25
A very attractive enamel plate to indicate your cellar. This plate will join perfectly with the lot of 12 labels to organize your cellar. A...

Ivory Oval plate CAVE doubles net

From Price €8.33
Replica of the old traditional plates realized in the hand in our workshop Assured retro atmosphere ! You can combine your plate...

Enamel plate "Mieux que le wifi l'apéro"

From Price €24.92
An enamel plate in the old with a French text of current events  The original idea to offer to the apéritif in family or between friends....

Green enamelled sign "Place de l'Apéro"

From Price €24.92
Real enamelled plate for industrial or country decoration. 100% handmade in France

Enamelled sign "RUE DE LA SOIF" style plaque de Paris

From Price €18.75
Your "RUE DE LA SOIF" plate in green and blue enamel with white outline in the style of Paris plates Creation SAnrival in a few copies only...

Plaque émaillée "Licence IV"

From Price €32.50
The real enamelled plate LICENCE IV handcrafted in our workshop. It brings this old-fashioned bistro side to your interior, but it’s also a super...

Enamel Thermomèter for wine 9,6in

Price €20.75
This thermometer is an ideal present for the decoration of the cellar with wines or the temperature of conservation is really important....

Enamel plate "Baisser la tête"

From Price €17.92
Offer yourselves this small enamel plate the utility of which will protect you from accidents. With this old looking enamel plate, this...