The elements of Fixation of Enamel plates

We propose you in pages "product" or in defect you will find in the category "Accessories" the following elements of fixation :

kit of fixation proposed with 2 or 4 screws in stainless steel accompanied with 2 or 4 corresponding ankles. The stainless screws are adapted for plates rectangles 4x2.4in, 6x4in, 8.8x4in, 9.2x5.8in and 12x8in as well as for the oval plates 4.4x2.8in. Their size is not adapted for the other articles.

The eyelets of protection which we propose on the site allow to avoid the brightness of the enamel during the screwing. They can be replaced by stainless or plastic slices.

Hiding place-screw in color golden or silvery allow as their name indicates it hiding the screws of fixation and so obtaining a perfect finish.

                                                              General explanations of fixation

During the assembly, position the plate in the desired place, draw the location of holes, rest the plate in a place where from it can't fall, leak out in a perpendicular way in the wall of the holes of the diameter of the ankle (at least 1.4in of depth.) Insert ankles into holes, place the plate (be helped if need be), position your screw and screw manually with a screwdriver every screw. If use you a slice put on in the screw before screwing manually. It is possible to space out the plate of the wall with small holds (not supplied).

                                                     DO NOT SQUEEZE TOO HARDLY SCREWS.

Make sure during the assembly that the head of the screw is perpendicular in the wall and that it is not moved away from the center with regard to the hole. Watch out, if the screw sinks or swerves in the plate, it can be enough to damage the plate. We tested this material, if it is suitably put and squeezed in a adapted way, i doesn't damage the plate.
The fixation of plates is made under your responsibility. Consequently, we cannot guarantee the damage caused before, hanging and after the assembly. If you use correctly the kits of fixation which we propose you, you will meet no disappointment.

We remind you that the enamel is not a paint, it is a glass swept down on the metal, of this fact the assembly can damage your plate if you use an unsuitable material. In case of closeness with the sea or in a wet region, it is recommended to protect the edges of the plate with some invisible silicone.

                                                               Maintenance of enamel plates

The enamel does not require maintenance. It is an extremely sustainable material which we say noble because he reflects the know-how of a craft work. We remind to you that we guarantee the colors of our enamel plates for life.

In case of closeness with the sea or in a wet region, it is however recommended to protect the edges of the plate with some invisible silicone. In defect and in time, little points of rust can appear but you can remove them with a sponge and a little soap.
If graffiti of paint were made on your enamel plate, that the track is corrosive or not, or if it must to be applied or dried on the plate you can always remove them with a cloth soaked with alcohol or with acetone.

                                                              Enamel plates and environment

The qualities of the enamelled steel make a very modern material towards the criteria of environmental protection. The enamel is going to give some value to the steel so as to increase considerably its life cycle. No other cover on the steel (metallic, organic) allows it to reach this level of durability.
Besides, the enamelled steel is a material very easy to recycle. It presents the advantage compared with other materials to be classified as recoverable material and not as waste. Its destruction will not produce either toxic smokes or other dangerous substances.
It is recyclable 100 % without a preliminary treatment is necessary.