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The enamelled plates are made with environmentally friendly raw materials, steel and glass. The enamel manufacturing process begins with a mixture of natural inorganic materials of the glass family, coloured with various metal oxides, and melted at high temperature. The "enamel frit" thus obtained is crushed and mixed with water to obtain the slip which will be applied with an air gun on the stripped and clean sheet metal. After drying, baking in an oven at 800°C creates an intimate and inseparable bond between the enamel and its support, which therefore forms a new inalterable material.

Compared to all other materials, the enamelled plate has high quality characteristics :

- very resistant to corrosion. Proven quality DIN-ISO 2746

- without graffiti. Proven quality DIN-ISO 2722

- Temperature insensitive. Cold resistant to -60° and holds without deformation to +450°.

- Climate and weather resistant. Proven quality DIN-ISO 2722 - acid resistant. Does not fear environmental attacks. Proven quality DIN-ISO 2742

Your eco-responsible order !

In order to respect short circuits and thus protect the environment, the suppliers of raw materials for the manufacture of enamelled plates as well as all accessories are French first or European second.

Your package is prepared with kraft paper and 100% recyclable cartons. Our packaging supplier INAPA is committed to forest certification and obtained FSC® and PEFC™ certifications at the end of 2007. At the beginning of 2009, it began analyzing the carbon footprint of its activity with the objective of being part of a multi-year plan to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. To do this, he chose the method filed by the ADEME known as the “Carbon Footprint”.