History of Sanrival

Create in 1947 by my grandparents Robert and Simonne Hoogstoël, The company was called " LES ENTREPOTS MENAGERS " with as activity the manufacturing Of only one product " The mess tin in enamel " which they had called "La Boite à Fricot".

Below we perceive the act of creation of the company of January 16th, 1947 as well as the photo of the signature of the act.

Many are those who used this mess tin to eat on their workplace. It is an object which has a story and all the French people know it. Until the 60s, the company was situated in Paris 11ème au 2 bis rue Mercoeur for the workshop of collision and impasse Phalsbourg for the workshop of packaging. At the same time as her business increased, the company took on staff and the first advertisements were create.

At the beginning of the 60s, the objective of Robert Hoogstoël was to master completely all the manufacturing of the mess tin And he acquired the enamel workshop situated to Sainte Genneviève des Bois in the l'Essonne. Below the photo of the exit of the oven with swing chairs being 9 meters.

The 70s announced the diversification of products made in factories.

The "Entrepôts Ménagers" Began to make dishes, crowbars and snail forks, hiding Heating plates, table mats, dishes with egg, diffusers of hot season and always of course " The Mess tin ".

The inventions of my grandfather not stopping there, he created "L'escargotière électrique de table" in enamel. Produced that regret a lot the craving and the Breeders of snails because it represented for them an extraordinary tool of demonstration to sell their snails.

The diversification continuing, the market of domestic appliances decreased in the profile of articles of decoration as the thermometers, Kitchenware, plates of decoration and Plates of Paris.

All during these years, "Les Entrepots Ménagers" were present in the diverse shows at first in the cnit of the Defense with the shows of "Arts Ménagers" to finish with the show of " Maison & Objets" to Villepinte.

The transmission of the company was made of the grandfather, to the son-in-law and finally to the girl, Marie-Noëlle Grosse. The activity having nothing more to see with domestic appliances, we changed name in 2000, and we chose, in memory of Mister Hoogstoël, to keep the name of Sanrival.

Today our activity is centered exclusively on the enamel plates, of small sizes, of 0,8x1,6in jusqu'à la taille 12x10,4in maximum. The enamelling with way concerns products of small sizes also going of 0.12x0.2in (enamelling in the tweezers)  to the plates of 12x10cm in small series and big series.

And we always work in family...